Underground Storage Tanks

PINNACLE possesses extensive experience in locating, evaluating, and managing all circumstances related to underground storage tanks (USTs). These services include:

  • Investigating to determine presence of USTs;
  • Removing USTs – including tanks, hydraulic hoists and oil/water separators;
  • Investigating soil and groundwater conditions surrounding USTs;
  • Evaluating regulatory compliance issues;
  • Remediating contaminated soil and groundwater; and,
  • Recovering reimbursable costs through state funding.

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PINNACLE assesses the risk posed by existing USTs based on the age and location of UST systems, the type of product being stored, the probability of leakage and potential environmental impact, as well as regulatory requirements. If a UST system is no longer in service, PINNACLE will normally recommend removal, unless removal will compromise the integrity of a structure. This recommendation complies with current regulatory requirements.

PINNACLE additionally manages hydraulic lift removals. Most state agencies regulate hydraulic lifts as underground storage tanks, request that they be removed when no longer used, and request confirmation soil and groundwater sampling upon removal. PINNACLE works with UST removal contractors to have all hoists and hydraulic fluid recycled along with providing cost-effective remedial solutions upon discovery of impacted soil and/or groundwater.

Soil and Groundwater Investigations

PINNACLE will provide unbiased expertise for sample collection, reporting, and recommended investigation and remediation strategies. If evidence confirms a release from a UST system, PINNACLE will recommend approaches for investigating and remediating the contamination. PINNACLE balances regulatory requirements with the goals, needs, and financial resources of the client.

Regulatory Compliance Evaluations

For USTs currently in use, PINNACLE can evaluate whether an owner or operator is in compliance with existing reporting and record keeping requirements for maintaining a valid UST permit. Included in the compliance evaluation is a determination of the existing UST’s conformance with current and future construction and containment requirements, leak detection, and monitoring equipment. PINNACLE can assist owners and operators to upgrade systems not in compliance with the regulatory agency.

State Reimbursable Cost Recovery

Prior to any investigation, PINNACLE determines whether UST owners are eligible for reimbursement of investigation/remediation costs from the state’s UST reimbursement fund. If so, PINNACLE will complete the necessary documentation to pursue and obtain reimbursement for costs of soil and groundwater investigation/remediation. No other environmental consulting firm can better recover reimbursable costs than PINNACLE!

Remediation Design and Management

PINNACLE provides remediation strategies, cost analyses, disposal requirements, and regulatory notifications based on the recommended remediation approach. To minimize costs for site cleanup and time to closure, PINNACLE obtains bids from pre-qualified remediation system contractors to bid on the project. Throughout the project, PINNACLE monitors budget and construction schedules to track contractor productivity and ensure that regulatory requirements and pre-established objectives are met.