Soil/Groundwater Investigation & Remediation

Soil/Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Site Investigation

PINNACLE conducts site investigations to characterize the nature, extent and magnitude of contamination prior to site remediation activities. Soil samples are collected and analyzed for target analytes based on the history of site operation. Water quality assessments, including one-time sampling and/or dedicated monitoring wells, may be utilized to assess water quality. Pump tests and groundwater modeling may be conducted to provide data that aids in the design and sizing of appropriate remediation equipment. Information from the site investigation is used, in conjunction with treatability testing, to estimate the life cycle, capital, and operating costs required for remediation.

Remedial Action

The goal of site remediation is to reduce contaminants to levels that ensure site closure. PINNACLE’s remediation services range from construction management and oversight through full turnkey execution of projects. PINNACLE’s staff uses their expertise to craft cost-effective solutions for site remediation and closure. Remedial actions may include one or more of the following:

  • Air sparging;
  • Bioremediation;
  • Containment;
  • Groundwater pump and treat;
  • Product and groundwater recovery;
  • Soil excavation;
  • Soil vapor extraction; and,
  • Stablilization.

remedialaction1 remedialaction2

Our objective for each project is to provide several viable remedial options that utilize the best available technology in the most cost effective way to meet established or negotiated cleanup criteria. Based on the data obtained in the investigation phase, PINNACLE’s project team determines the remediation strategy and provides a written work plan to be approved by the client and the regulatory agency. PINNACLE’s professionals then develop detailed specifications for all major work to be performed. Specifications include descriptions of:

  • Remediation work;
  • System design;
  • Site health and safety requirements;
  • Sampling and analyses plan;
  • Decontamination procedures; and,
  • Schedule of work.

Project Management

PINNACLE’s goal on any project is to ensure the client’s goals are achieved and to perform all project work in a safe and effective manner. PINNACLE’s project managers and technicians are assigned based on their relevant project experience, technical expertise, understanding of the unique project challenges involved, and their familiarity with the client. During the project, PINNACLE’s on-site project managers and technicians conduct inspections and monitor the project to ensure compliance with project specifications and health and safety plans. PINNACLE ensures that materials being hauled off-site are properly manifested and taken to certified disposal sites.

Project Documentation

PINNACLE documents each step of the work performed and ensures it is in compliance with regulatory requirements. All project reports undergo scrupulous in-house review prior to regulatory agency review to verify accuracy and completeness. Upon project completion, PINNACLE provides the client with final documentation that includes:

  • Summary of project-related activities;
  • Results from laboratory analyses;
  • Copies of pertinent logs of field activities;
  • Copies of design criteria;
  • Copies of permits and regulatory notifications; and,
  • Photographic records of remediation process.