Geotechnical Testing and Sampling

Geotechnical Testing and Sampling

PINNACLE is equipped with the knowledge and experience of the different varieties of materials utilized and their performance. This is the key to the success of any project. Quality assurance during construction has become increasingly important as a result of the rapid technological expansion of construction methods and materials. Quality assurance and materials testing provides the evidence needed to establish confidence to all concerned parties that the materials and techniques utilized are accomplished under the standards required by project designers. The technical staff of PINNACLE always implements new developments and procedures utilized in quality control programs. We provide a vital link between the owner, professional design team, and the contractor.


Concrete Testing and Sampling

PINNACLE's American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certified Grade I Concrete Testing Technicians follow ASTM standards to ensure the freshly mixed concrete poured on-site meets all specified design requirements. The testing is performed using a concrete slump cone test kit and a Type B Concrete Press-AireTM Meter. Once slump cone and entrained-air testing are complete, PINNACLE will collect concrete cylinder break samples to calculate the compressive strength of the concrete to ensure that the concrete meets the desired compressive strength requirements. All field and laboratory testing is performed to ensure that the concrete supplier is meeting or exceeding the needs of our client.

Foundation Testing

PINNACLE utilizes a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) to provide a measure of the in situ bearing capacity of the foundation subgrade materials prior to foundation placement. Foundation testing is performed to ensure that the anticipated load of the structure can be supported by the underlying material it is being placed upon.

Compaction Testing of Subgrade

Through compaction testing procedures described in industry standards, knowledge and experience are necessary to obtain reliable results. When the Proctor tests are complete, compaction tests on fill materials can be performed. PINNACLE provides compaction testing through the use of nuclear and electronic density gauges. The technician reads soil density and moisture content directly from the device’s digital display. Compaction testing is utilized to ensure that the subgrade material meets or exceeds the desired percent compaction required by project designers for the job site.

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